Michael Akana
Information Systems Consultant

PO Box 3725
Half Moon Bay
CA 94019

(650) 224-7541

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Michael Akana
Information Systems Consultant
PO Box 3725, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Telephone: 650-224-7541


Assessments, Planning, Implementation
Documentation, Reports, Training,
Data, Systems, Integration


Our goal is to help organizations operate more efficiently and provide better service to the community.  A variety of skills are required to introduce systems that are used and accepted by people.  Implementing technology is more successful when focusing on the organization as a whole. Nonprofit organizations are human based systems. Simply installing a new computer with the latest software for the sake of technology is not a solution, and can cause more problems that it solves.

Michael Akana has over twenty years of experience working closely with non-profits, membership organizations and human service agencies. He currently provides technical assistance to agencies specializing in social services, homeless services and substance abuse treatment.

The latest projects include three Client Management Systems that are programmed in Access programmed in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. One system is for Multi-Service/Social Service agencies and is used by seven agencies throughout the county. A second application is for Shelter Network, a residential homeless service provider. The application designed for El Centro de Libertad integrates data from a variety of application.

Michael has also designed accounting tools for budgeting, reporting and integrating data across systems.

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